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About the Sun Riders Motorcycle Club Tucson

photo of the Tucson Sun Riders MC

In the late 70's, a small group joined together to pursue the lure of the open road, via motorcycles. Eventually, all litigation complete, Sun Riders M/C, Inc. was formed. Over the years our runs changed in character. Local charities became the beneficiaries. The Sun Riders, as a non-profit corporation, chose to direct their time and energy, as well as all proceeds to needy children identified by Child Protective Services. Today, riders look forward to the Sun Riders Annual Motorcycle Toy Parade held on the second Sunday in December, viewed by many as the biggest, best holiday party in the southwest.

Over the past 30 years the Sun Riders Motorcycle Club, a non-profit 501© 4 corporation, has worked very hard to support the needs of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. The Sun Riders Toy Parade is the largest charity event of its kind in the southwest and the Mayor of Tucson has consistently endorsed it. Motorcycle escorts are a necessity. Tucson Police Department officers assist with traffic control to insure a safe ride through the streets of Tucson. The event attracts thousands of entrants.

All proceeds from the Sun Rider events are given to local childrens charities. Due to this fund raising effort, we consistently have provided worthy children with basic necessities: food, diapers, clothing, beds, etc. In addition, the proceeds from our events serve to promote development and boost the self-esteem of local children by funding extra curricular activities that normally would be excluded from the child’s life due to diminished finances in the home. The reward of a toy during the holidays is an added bonus brought about through the Toy Parade and the generosity of sponsors and participants.

Our children are our most important resource. They deserve to feel appreciated and loved. Please open up your heart and join us in this worthwhile project by contributing either cash or toys. For more information about the upcoming Sun Riders Annual Motorcycle Toy Parade please visit here